About Us

We are a Special Child Care Centre

3 Bees Early Learning Centre is a child care centre situated in Oakleigh East.


We want your child to be happy while they are away from you.


We want your child to be educated while they play.


We want your child to be ready for primary school.


We offer the best facilities to ensure your child is safe, secure, and happy whilst inside our centre. We continuously dedicate ourselves to providing quality child care and education for children to prepare them for higher education.


As a small centre that takes pride on being part of a close community, we actively work with our families to come into the centre to educate the children. Our programs and educators fully comply with Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations, NQS, ECA code of ethics, EYLF to achieve the fundamentals of the Framework: Being, Belonging, and Becoming.



How do we know we are a special service?

  • Our employees are all above minimum qualifications for early childcare educators.
  • Our educators know every child very well.
  • We teach a full English-as-a Second- Language program from 0-5 years, to educate your child to have the language skills that they will need to enter the Australian primary school system.
  • We employ a fully qualified chef who cooks with FRESH ingredients. No frozen vegetables. No dehydrated potatoes; We cater for all children.
  • We are completely inclusive and are halal-friendly;
  • We offer extra-curricular activities at no extra cost;
  • Our community of parents come in to show off their skills and equipment to the children.