About Us

We are a Special Child Care Centre

    • 3 Bees Early Learning Centre is a homely and inviting service, which is licensed for only 47 relaxed children per day.
    • 3 Bees ELC offers a flexible number of childcare sessions for families who access the full extent of their childcare subsidy (CCS). Full day, full-time, ten and nine hour sessions are available, and we won't break your bank!

    • The service is family owned and run. We offer a friendly, caring and personal service. You’ll find the owner at the centre most days. Unlike large, corporate owned childcare centres you’ll receive individual attention to your needs and/or concerns from someone who can make an immediate difference.
    • We are open from 7am to 6.30pm, Monday - Friday.
    • We focus on YOUR child - what they like, or dislike; their needs and wants. Their daily eating and sleeping schedule. We will follow your child's schedule as closely as possible, so that the time when they are away from you is as similar as it would be at home. We try to make disruption for your children as minimal as possible. This is the way to make a child happy and content and willing to learn.
    • Situated in a renovated house, the centre has 3 small rooms and small class numbers. So there are only 47 relaxed children per day. 8 babies, 16 toddlers, and 23 3 - 5 year old kinder kids. No cavernous rooms. This centre has domestic dimensions, that means your child will feel at home - relaxed, comfortable and happy.
    • Our staff are rostered to the same room year round to establish stable relationships with each child.
    • All you need bring is a water bottle, change of clothes, nappy cream. We supply: all food, nappies, bedding, sun hats, activities. Everything your child needs to develop into a confident learner.
    • All meals are made freshly in-house by our chef, and we supply - breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and a cooked late snack. Our qualified chef cooks with FRESH ingredients from a local butcher and green grocer. No frozen vegetables, no dehydrated potatoes.
    • We cater for all children. So if you have cultural dietary requirements - we’ll make you welcome. If your child has specific dietary needs - we’ll make you welcome.
    • We are completely inclusive and are halal-friendly.
    • We offer weekly music and movement incursions part of the daily fee. You won’t pay extra.
    • We are a flexible, community driven centre that focusses on early childhood education and preparation for Primary School.
    • We love helping children learn, and we see that in developmentally advanced children at 3 Bees ELC.
    • Because we are a small centre, we get to know families and children very well, and help with developmental changes that can challenge all families. If you have issues with toilet training, challenging behaviours; anything that that makes being a parent confusing - you can come to us and talk about it.
    • Educators stay in each room throughout the year. This contributes to children feeling relaxed and developing close and supportive relationships with the educators. Children, and parents, will get to know their educators. This helps all of us make your child’s time at 3 Bees ELC as productive and secure as possible.
    • There are a number of local community events throughout the year to help you meet and get to know other families. We run school transition evenings when local primary school teachers come to talk about primary school and what their school offers. We have specials persons days (mother’s, father’s and grandparents days), working bees and barbecues throughout the year so we can all get together on a weekend morning and just chill, chat and communicate.