Organise a Tour



We welcome people and their families coming to the centre for a tour. Often, it can be difficult to think of questions during the tour. That's fine, you wil be concentrating on how the centre 'feels' to you, and maybe asking some of these questions to yourself: what are the educators doing, do the children seem to be playing happily, is the centre clean and well maintained. So it may be a little overwhelming during a tour, and you may have more questions to ask after your tour.

Sometimes it may be useful to take two tours; once with your child, another time with your partner and child. We want to to be confident when you place your child in our care, so feel free to come along twice before making a booking.

If you have further questions, please feel free to call the centre and speak with the Centre Director.

Some questions you might like to ask while on a tour include:

  • Does the centre seem to have a happy and energetic vibe? 
  • Do the staff seem passionate and happy? Are they qualified and experienced? 
  • Is the centre feeding your child fresh and nutritious meals? Are meals cooked onsite? Are the ingredients fresh, or frozen, dehydrated?
  • Do the hours and location suit you? 
  • Will you be welcome to drop in at any time? 
  • Does the centre adopt the nationally approved learning framework - Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework (VEYLDF)? 
  • Does the centre program for quality early learning? 
  • Does the centre offer a government approved and funded kindergarten program? 
  • Will the centre update you regularly about your child’s progress and daily activities? If so, how?
  • Do teachers and educators tailor their programs to engage each child’s individual interests? If so, how?
  • How does the Centre aid your family in enrolling for government benefits and rebates?