From 1 January 2016, you may need to prove that your child’s immunisation status is up-to-date before they can enrol or attend an approved early childhood service, like 3Bees ELC, under changes to the Public Health Act 2005.  Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement and Child Care Benefit can only be paid for children who meet immunisation requirements. Your eligibility for Child Care Benefit then affects your eligibility for Child Care Rebate.

At enrolment we will ask you to show:

  • an immunisation history statement when first enrolling your child
  • updated immunisation history statement when your child passes the 2, 4, 6, 12, 18 months and 4 years vaccination milestones.

At 3Bees ELC we believe that if you always vaccinate your child on time, you provide them with the best protection possible and don’t have to worry.


For more information on Childhood Immunisation Statements, please visit these websites: