Childcare Carnegie

Our Childcare Facility in Carnegie Employs Two Primary School Teachers


We run two kindergarten programs and childcare in Carnegie for three- and four-year-old children. We value the three Bs – belonging, being, and becoming. These principles are central to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF). Give us a call and discover more.


The Benefits of Our Child Care in Carnegie


Significant developmental changes occur during early childhood. Babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers constantly learn and grow while mainly living in the moment.


  • Establishing and preserving relationships is a critical step. It enables them to understand life’s complexities and experience a sense of contentment. Our child care teachers in Carnegie support kids in this process and guide them towards participating in society.
  • Our inclusive, non-denominational, and stimulating environment will help your child discover and learn about their world. We cater to all religious and cultural groups.
  • The educational program we use in each of our three rooms offers your child the prospect to make the most of their potential. It builds a foundation for successful future learning.
  • We talk to you about your child’s interests, abilities, and culture. We share the knowledge and ideas gained through this process in the educational programme devised for each classroom, based on what we observe and what the kids contribute. We interpret and incorporate your child’s input.


Our teachers document each child’s involvement and assess their learning. We include it in our planning and evaluation procedures, which we make available to parents.


The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Child Care in Carnegie


We follow the VEYLDF (the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework) guidelines to turn your child into an effective communicator and involved, confident learner who contributes to their world. Our program offers a strong sense of wellbeing and identity.


  • Our early learning centre’s educational leader collaborates with the teachers and oversees the program. We provide our educators with professional development opportunities and discuss our parents’ written and verbal input during team meetings, implementing their ideas and insights. Your contributions are fundamental to our program.
  • Our director explains our philosophy and strategies at enrolment and during orientation, giving examples of previously documented programs. We demonstrate the extent to which we use your participation and information about your child’s thoughts and comprehension.
  • All of this occurs in the comfortable, hospitable atmosphere provided by the small classrooms inside the renovated house where you and your child are welcome. We offer meals and snacks containing fresh ingredients and cooked by our qualified chef. We cater to specific health and cultural dietary requirements and are halal-friendly.


We teach tots about where and with whom they belong, their cultural group, neighbourhood, and the wider community. Our weekly movement and music happenings are included in the fee.


About 3 Bees Early Learning Centre


We invite you to participate in local community events to meet other families at our relaxing, chatty get-togethers for dads, moms, and grandparents. We also host school transition evenings where primary school teachers tell you what their schools can offer.


Please contact us if you want a tour.