The Centre

3 Bees Early Learning Centre is a long daycare centre that focuses on preparing the children under our care for their life as young children and students at school.


The centre employs two primary school teachers, one as the Centre Director and Educational Director, and the other as the four year old kindergarten teacher. We run two kindergarten programs, for 3 and 4 year-old children.


Our philosophy highlights the 3 B's: belonging, being, becoming, that are central to the Early Years Learning Framework. Our educators focus on ensuring that the children under our care understand where and with whom they belong: their family, cultural group, neighbourhood and the wider community. 


Children live in the here and now. Being in the present, building and maintaining relationships with others is an important step for children to begin engaging in life’s complexities and happiness.


Childhood is a time of rapid and significant developmental changes. Children are continually developing, becoming young children through learning and growing. Our educators aid the children how to participate in society and to understand their world.


The centre provides a stimulating and inclusive environment for young children to learn and discover the world around them. We are a non-denominational centre, that respects and caters for all cultural and religious groups.