The Centre

3 Bees Early Learning Centre is a long daycare centre that focuses on preparing the children under our care for their life as young children and students at school.


The centre employs two primary school teachers, one as the Centre Director and Educational Director, and the other as the four year old kindergarten teacher. We run two kindergarten programs, for 3 and 4 year-old children.


Our philosophy highlights the 3 B's: belonging, being, becoming, that are central to the Early Years Learning Framework. Our educators focus on ensuring that the children under our care understand where and with whom they belong: their family, cultural group, neighbourhood and the wider community. 


Children live in the here and now. Being in the present, building and maintaining relationships with others is an important step for children to begin engaging in life’s complexities and happiness.


Childhood is a time of rapid and significant developmental changes. Children are continually developing, becoming young children through learning and growing. Our educators aid the children how to participate in society and to understand their world.


The centre provides a stimulating and inclusive environment for young children to learn and discover the world around them. We are a non-denominational centre, that respects and caters for all cultural and religious groups.


Early Learning Centre Oakleigh


An Early Learning Centre in Oakleigh Offering Homely Environment


At 3 Bees Early Learning Centre in Oakleigh, we provide well balanced early childhood education and care for children from newborn until five years old. Our educators strive to provide maximum early child development and prepare each child physically and emotionally for primary school. Our centre is small and homely with a relaxed atmosphere where children can feel comfortable, confident, and safe. Being a small centre allows us to get to know each child and their family very well which helps us assist with any developmental changes that can challenge a child or their family. Community is important to us; all children are welcome. We celebrate diversity and the cultures of all our families and nurture an inclusive and tolerant community in all the children.


Benefits of Our Early Learning Centre in Oakleigh South


When looking at child care centres in Oakleigh, consider the benefits our centre offers. We provide a strong foundation in a child’s sense of belonging to our community, being themselves and becoming a confident person. Being a small centre allows us to get to know each child and understand their needs. We value the importance of a compassionate and safe learning environment for a child’s healthy development. As we are not a large centre, we can be more flexible and sensitive to parents’ concerns and make adjustments, where possible, to provide your child with a positive childcare experience.


  • We promote sustainable living practices that the children can implement in their lives. We have a worm farm and practice composting, which provides nutrients to the herbs and vegetable garden that the children look after. Our centre’s chef includes the harvested herbs and vegetables in the daily meals. Other sustainable practices include energy saving, water usage, and recycling.
  • Our Oakleigh based play centre allows children to develop relationships and form friendship groups in a safe environment from an early age which aids them in overcoming shyness and gaining self-confidence.
  • If you live in Oakleigh and need childcare, our centre provides young children with various opportunities to develop concepts and knowledge through experiencing language, mathematics, science, music, art, dance, drama, literature, social and cultural studies, and technology.
  • Our programmes aim to equip children with skills to interact with others like co-operating, sharing, taking turns, and persevering with tasks in a safe environment. We teach them to appreciate and accept each person’s differences such as appearance, culture, beliefs, and ethnicity.


What You Can Expect From 3 Bees Early Learning Centre Regarding Child Care in Oakleigh


Our early learning centre provides a safe environment for children aged five in Oakleigh with a kindergarten programme that will equip them with essential developmental, emotional, and life skills to prepare them for primary school. Our kindergarten programme helps children develop their social, emotional, independence, and learning skills.


  • We assist families and children who will be moving to primary school in the following year. Every June we invite the principals and teachers from the local primary schools for an information evening at the centre with the parents.
  • We provide a different meal plan each week that we rotate every four weeks. Our qualified commercial chef cooks all meals in our centre’s kitchen with only fresh ingredients from a local butcher and greengrocer. We provide extensive diversity of nutritious foods from five food groups every day; these groups are vegetables, fruit, grain food, dairy and their alternatives, and lean meats, poultry, fish, and eggs. We accommodate all dietary requirements.
  • Each child can participate in the weekly music and movement incursions at no extra cost. We arrange events throughout the year for you to meet and get to know the other families of the children attending our centre.


What You Should Know About Our Play Centre in Oakleigh


Our early learning long day-care centre focuses on preparing the children in our care for life as young children and scholars. Our staff complement includes two primary school teachers: our Centre and Educational Director, and the other is the kindergarten teacher for our four-year-old class.


  • Our centre’s licence allows for 47 relaxed children per day and offers flexible childcare sessions for families that access their full childcare subsidy (CCS).
  • Our centre is in a renovated house with a room for each of the three classes we have, The Hive for our babies, The Bumblebees for toddlers, and The Honeypot for three- to five-year-olds.
  • Our educators remain in their designated classroom for the entire year to allow them to establish good relationships with the children and their parents.
  • We provide breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and a late afternoon snack.


Why Trust 3 Bees Early Learning Centre Regarding Childcare in Oakleigh


Our early learning centre is family owned and run. You and your children will receive friendly, caring, personal service from all our staff, your needs and concerns will be assessed and addressed immediately. Our centre is in a renovated house with domestic dimensions that maintain the feel of a home to help your children feel safe and comfortable in a homey environment. We focus on developing young children in all aspects to help them grow their confidence, independence, and social and physical skills. Being a small centre gives our educators the chance to get to know each child and their families well, making it easier to work through developmental and emotional changes together.


Contact us to find out more about our early learning centre or book a tour to see how our facility operates during its daily routines.