Our Philosophy


3 Bees ELC exists to ensure all children receive quality early childhood education; in order to maximise development and prepare for primary school.



Tenderly nurturing children’s journey towards Being, Belonging, Becoming.



3 Bees ELC values the children for whom we care. We believe that each child needs a village to be raised. Community engagement is crucial, as those community villagers have an immense impact on children’s wellbeing, learning and development. A child’s experiences of relationships and participation in community contribute to their ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’. This builds on children’s interest and expertise in being and becoming contributors to their world. 

Children at 3 Bees ELC have an equal opportunity to learn. They will be respected and not discriminated regardless of gender, age, ability, economic status, family structure, ethnicity, lifestyle, religion, culture or language. 


  • We provide a small, homely centre, that values a relaxed atmosphere because we believe that leads to confident and contented children.
  • We are a flexible, community driven centre that focusses on early childhood education and preparation for Primary School.
  • We value compassionate and safe learning environments.
  • Our staff act as role models for the children for whom they care; showing patience and respect & support to all members of our community.
  • Promote sustainable living practices such as composting, energy saving, water usage, recycling and to 'take action' in support of these practices.
  • ALL children are welcome. We nurture a diverse, inclusive and tolerant community.
  • The diversity and the cultures of our families are celebrated.
  • Children’s voices are heard, listened to and acted upon. Children are given agency over their environment at 3 Bees to aid their social and emotional development.
  • Children are encouraged to value and enjoy the diversity of Australia.
  • We acknowledge and demonstrate acceptance of children’s feelings.
  • The Centre provides opportunities for children to develop concept knowledge through experience in language, mathematics, science, music, art, dance, drama, literature, social and cultural studies and technology.
  • Our play based curriculum has been implemented using a strength based approach which responds to children's interests, ideas and individual needs and intentionally scaffold their understanding and learning
  • 3 Bees Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten acknowledges and pays respect to First Nation Peoples, past, present and emerging, as the Traditional Custodians of this country and their connection to the land, water and community in which we operate.
  • We develop collaborative and supportive relationships with families. we are a small centre, and get to know families and children very well. We help with developmental changes that can challenge all families.
  • We offer childcare services within our community that are responsive to the needs of our families, including new Australian families – English as a Second Language, preparation for primary school.
  • 3 Bees ELC offers a number of family support mechanisms. Parenting and childcare readiness process for parents(-to-be):
      • build the community during pregnancy;
      • build confidence between parents and educators;
      • Teach parents on being parents: how to play with your child, how to communicate with your child, how to promote multi-language at home, etc.
  • We value fresh, healthy food that reflects each family’s individual needs and beliefs. Our chef and educational programs promote healthy bodies by providing a balanced diet through a comprehensive varied menu and physical exercise.
The children and staff of 3 Bees ELC are curious and belong to the world, explore ideas and strive to become our best, as individuals and as members of a community.