Child Care Malvern East

Why Your Child Needs Child Care Located Near Malvern East


Sending your child to a child-care centre is more than just about having a place for them to play during the day; here, they will learn to socialise, share, and become more independent. It’s imperative that as a parent, you find the right centre that provides child-care located near Malvern East. Every parent worries about how their child will adapt to being apart from them and if the caregivers will treat them well. If you are unsure about finding the right child-care centre, ask around and find out how other parents feel about the centres their children attend. Remember that sending your child to care centres will reap many benefits, from improving their cognitive memory to fine-tuning their motor skills. At 3 Bees Early Learning Centre, we believe in making the transition from home life to school as easy as possible.


Tips Regarding Child Care Centres


When it comes to sending your child off to their first day of pre-school, there are some things you can do to ease the transition. Here are some tips to assist you as a parent.


  • Visit with your child. To support your child in transitioning from your home to the pre-school, take them with you to visit the school and allow them to wander around while you are still within their eyesight; this will make leaving them there less traumatic.
  • Have a night out. Allow your child to get used to spending time without you by going out for dinner and a movie. By doing this, you are reassuring them that even though you have left them for a while, you’ll still return.
  • Take a comforter with you. Should your child have a Teddy bear or blanket that brings them comfort, allow them to take it with them for the first week to have a little piece of home with them to calm any anxiety they may feel.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Child Care Centres


We make many mistakes as parents; however, you can avoid making a mistake in choosing which pre-school they will attend. Here are the most common mistakes made and how to avoid them.


  • Going cheap. While we always look for ways to save money, you can’t put a price on your child’s education, so don’t look for the cheapest child-care centre, but rather one that will provide them with quality education.
  • Rushing their decision. Many parents must find a child-care facility quickly when they need to return to work. Instead, use the time you spend with your newborn at home and research care centres.
  • Not communicating with the school. Communication is key to most things, and this includes clear communication with your child’s teacher. By doing this, you’ll avoid any possible misunderstandings.


About Us


At 3 Bees Early Learning Centre, we provide all our children with the best quality education to maximise the preparedness for primary school. We understand that to have the energy to maintain a healthy mind is to have healthy meals, which is why our chef freshly prepares the children’s meals each day using fresh produce and meat; we don't use any frozen foods.


We keep up to date with the National Curriculum to ensure the education we provide is on par with what the children need to know at each age of their development and are ready to make the smooth transition from pre-school to primary school. To give the children the individual attention they require, we have kept the classes small at our child-care centre with 47 children enrolled in the school.


Should you require more information about our facility or how to enrol your child, please don’t hesitate to contact us.