Childcare Hughesdale

Excellent Family-run Childcare Located Near Hughesdale


You will find 3 Bees Early Learning Centre in Oakleigh East, conveniently situated when looking for childcare located near Hughesdale. Our centre is family-owned and run, and we take pride in getting to know each child as an individual, as well as providing a base of support for your family as a whole.


The Importance of Childcare Near Hughesdale


Finding the right childcare for your child is important for several reasons. Not only will your little one start developing social skills that they will use throughout their lives, but they will also learn how to use these skills to become more emotionally resilient in the process of forming relationships with their peers.


  • Children thrive on routine and consistency – this includes simple daily routines such as getting dressed for the day, washing their faces, and brushing their teeth. When your child starts attending childcare, you begin to build the foundation for their daily routine for years to come.
  • Early childhood development involves an incredible amount of learning for your child, especially through play. Our play-based learning approach helps your child learn numeracy and literacy skills through simple things such as listening to stories or music or completing activities. Once again, this will provide a solid foundation for the remainder of your child's education in their primary, secondary, and tertiary studies.
  • Childcare is not only about making sure that your child is safe during the day when you are at work. When you place them in a great childcare centre such as ours, you will encourage a love for learning that will last well beyond their formative years.


What You Can Expect From 3 Bees Early Learning Centre Regarding Childcare Near Hughesdale


We aim to quip the children in our care with the vital skills to thrive in the environment of formal education. We offer two kindergarten programmes – one for three-year-olds and another for four-year-olds. Our childcare philosophy is based on three aspects: being, belonging and becoming. As a centre for childcare located near Hughesdale, we are proud to offer space for families of all ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Your child will be welcomed into one of our three groups, depending on how old they are.


  • The Hive is the room where you will find our youngest children, between the ages of 0 and two. We can accommodate a maximum of eight children in this group.
  • We have space for sixteen children in our Bumblebee group, for toddlers aged two to three. Your child will start to learn socialisation skills in this group, supported and guided by our qualified educators.
  • The Honeypot is our largest group for children between the ages of three and five, and we have space for no more than 23 children in this group.


Why Trust 3 Bees Early Learning Centre Regarding Childcare Near Hughesdale?


Our staff are fully qualified. To maintain a sense of consistency, staff remain in the group to which they have been assigned for the entire year. We provide for almost all the practicalities – all you will need to send with each day is a change of clothes for your child, their water bottle, and nappy cream.


Please feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like to visit our school or find out more about the childcare services we offer. We look forward to welcoming you.