Let's Get Ready for School



At 3Bees ELC we help families and children who will be moving to primary education in the next year. In June each year we invite a number of the local schools to come to the centre for an information evening. Principals and teachers talk about their school and take questions from parents. This event has been successful in aiding parents and children to better understand the transition to primary school. Then in November/December our Centre Director and Kindergarten teacher personally hand-over your child’s Transition reports to her/his Foundation level teacher.

There are a range of activities that can help prepare your child for school. The best thing you can do to help prepare your child for school is have them complete a kindergarten program. While your child is in kindergarten they learn a number of essential skills that will make their years in school successful.

Kindergarten teaches your child to be able to do what the teacher asks: to follow rules, and interact appropriately with both adults and other children. Kindergarten makes sure your child has the best start to primary education by supporting their:

  • social skills – by practising the back-and-forth of conversation, and social rules, such as taking turns;
  • emotional skills –  children are taught to express and label their emotions as they arise (eg “It sounds like you’re really angry. Do you want to tell me about it?”); and if they are feeling vulnerable about the move to primary school we give them some extra warmth and support.
  • independence skills – children are encouraged to take responsibility for tasks, such as washing lunch plates or going to the toilet by themselves; and to care for their belongings. We also let them make small choices to boost their confidence;
  • learning skills – we help them recognise letters and numbers, and to focus on small tasks. Work with them on listening and following instructions (eg “Now that I’ve shown you how to mix the cordial, let’s see if you can do it by yourself!”).

Starting school is not just about the first day. It’s a process that begins when children and families start to prepare in the year before.  Starting primary school is an important time for children and their parents. Children who make a positive start to school are more likely to:

  • be comfortable, relaxed and valued;
  • be excited and motivated to learn;
  • have good relationships with teachers and their peers;
  • transfer their sense of belonging from kindergarten to the school community.