8 Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing An Early Learning Centre

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Choosing the right early learning centre for your child can be quite a difficult task. After all, if you’re leaving your child with somebody else, you want absolute confidence they're getting the best care possible. Making the wrong choice can cause inconvenience or even put your child in danger.


To help ensure you’re making the right decision, ask these questions when visiting a potential early learning centre.


1. "What's your teaching philosophy?"

An early learning centre's philosophy and values should align with yours to a certain degree. All ELC centres should focus on play-based learning. But is the Centre ensuring your child is developing as expected? Is the service preparing your child for primary school? If you prefer a centre that prioritises letting children play; then an academic-oriented early learning centre that prepares children for primary school, may not be for you.


2. "What are the children eating?"

An early learning centre should provide nutritious meals for growth and development. 3 Bees ELC has an in-house chef who prepares meals with fresh ingredients. The seasonal menu changes daily and is rotated every four weeks. You need to feel confident that the centre you choose can cater to your child's dietary requirements, and that they’re getting food that's healthy and safe for them.


3. "How much does it cost?"

Everyone has a budget, so it's best to ask what the fee structure and schedule is like so you can work out if it’s an affordable option for you. Perhaps, the centre only accepts credit/ debit cards or maybe they have additional fees. Will the Service help you navigate the Childcare Subsidy System? Knowing exactly what you need to spend will spare you a lot of stress in the long run!


4. "What health measures do they take?"

Naturally you'll want to find out if your potential centre is safe and hygienic for your child. Are kids taught to wash their hands? Do teachers know how to look out for signs of a disease? What's their policy when it comes to emergencies or outbreaks?


5. "How do I keep track of my child's progress?"

Talk to teachers and educators in the centre and ask how they monitor your child's progress and share it with you. The ELC should be able to inform you if your child is struggling with the curriculum or something else.


6. "What qualifications do the teachers have?"

At a minimum, Early Childhoood Teachers (ECT) should have a Bachelor of early childhood education, so make a point to ask about qualifications. Early Childhood educators should have a Diploma of Children’s Services. Aside from educational background, you can also enquire about their teaching experience or if they’re trained in health and safety. Asking these questions can help you assess if the centre has well-rounded teachers to look after your child. All 3 Bees ELC educators fully comply with Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations, NQS, ECA code of ethics, EYLF to achieve the fundamentals of the Framework: Being, Belonging, and Becoming.


7. "Does the centre have a playground?"

How much time do children spend outside? Children benefit greatly from playing outdoors so make sure that centre has an outdoor playground and a curriculum that encourages play. 3 Bees Early Learning Centre has a main playground that wraps around two sides of the building. In addition, there’s a garden with herbs and vegetables that the children can nibble on, and pick to be included in their meals!


8. "Do you organise field trips or outings?"

Field trips are incredibly exciting and mentally stimulating for children. Ask how often the centre holds field trips and if they're relevant to the curriculum. For instance, do the teachers try to incorporate what kids learned from the trips to their classroom activities?


Make a visit to 3 Bees Early Learning Centre!

3 Bees Early Learning Centre is a child care centre in Oakleigh East with facilities to ensure your child is safe, secure, and happy. You and your family are welcome to tour in the centre, and you can schedule your visit by calling 03 9504 3668 or sending a message.