What is the latest in childcare? Election Special

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Last night on commercial television we watched the first of the leader’s debates, leading to the 18th of May federal election. So we will go to the ballots. There are many issues that people will be looking at for leadership from all candidates. But, as a childcare provider, and, as readers who are parents: what does this mean for childcare?


We have summarised the childcare proposals put forward by the country’s two major parties - Labour and the Liberals.


The Liberal Party has maintained its current policy aimed at making care more affordable for a million Australian families. It has pledged to save a typical family around $1300, saving them 10% in the scheme’s first 6 months.


If Labour is elected, they have promised to provide 3 year old kindergarten programs for 700,000 children between the ages of 3 and 4. Across Australia, children benefitting from this scheme will receive a minimum of 15 hours of care per week.


This policy is estimated to cost $1.75 billion and will be funded, in part, by the states. The remainder will be funded by funds raised by tax arrangements. The role out on this vital policy is slow. Childcare services, such as 3 Bees ELC will not have access to funding for this program until 2022.


In recent days the Labor Party have also pledged an extra $4 billion dollars to give relief to families with the cost of childcare . Subsidy rates have been adjusted so that families who earn a broad range of incomes will all benefit from significant annual savings, see the announcement via the link. Significantly, the most vulnerable children, where families earn up to $69,527.00, will have 100% of their childcare subsided by a Labor government. This will be of great benefit for child care in Oakleigh.


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